Individual Training Program
Get ready to have 
your BEST season ever
Using a thorough evaluation process and the latest game changing training techniques used by the best      in the game, we will eliminate your weak links and boost your power and performance on the field using a systematic step-by-step process to                  unlock your potential!

This is a unique chance for you to work 
1-on-1 with one of the world's top performance coaches and be able to have access to a exclusive training system that usually reserved only for the pros.  This opportunity will be limited to only 
very limited amount of players so don't miss out! 
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Custom Training Program
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Power & Velocity Development
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance
  • Injury Prevention & Recovery
Diamond CORE 
It all starts with the CORE!
Whether you're running the bases, hitting, fielding or throwing, all of your movement and power starts in the area from you hips to your shoulders, also known as your CORE. Unfortunately too many people think that doing planks and sit-ups will train their core, 
but they may actually be making themselves worse! 

Learn the proper steps to develop a strong, powerful and functional center with this progressive program that is designed specifically for the needs 
of baseball and softball athletes. By incorporating these easy to follow workouts that take as little as 
10 minutes per day, you will be feeling the difference immediately the next time you step on the field!

  • 4-Phase Progressive Program
  • Specific for Baseball & Softball
  • NO Equipment needed other than a bat, balls                          and your glove
  • Great for Individuals or Teams
  • Detailed Video Instruction
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