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Eric D'Agati, Founder
”Eric has a unique and rare ability to connect and relate simultaneously to the player, coach and sports medicine professional and understand and appreciate their needs and goals. He can take complex approaches to performance enhancement and injury management and deliver them in a simple and systematic way."
- Dr. Christopher Ahmad,

Team Physician, New York Yankees

"Eric D’Agati has been instrumental in my development throughout my professional career. His focus on both injury prevention and functional strength has been a mainstay of my training and will continue to be so. For every athlete, the trust built between athlete and trainer is hugely important and I’m very fortunate for the relationship that we’ve established and the work we continue to do.”
– Tommy La Stella
All-Star Infielder, Los Angeles Angels
“After only a few months of working out, I have already begun to see and feel changes in my body. I truly believe that Eric’s intelligent and innovative approach to training gives me the best opportunity to get to the next level.”
- Frank Herrmann, MLB Pitcher

“Not only am I competing at a higher level in my sport, but I feel better in my daily life, as my physical stiffness has decreased and my quality of sleep has improved.”
- Kaci Clark,
National Champion Professional Softball Player, NY/NJ Juggernaut

"In my time training with Eric, one thing stood out above all else, versatility. I would work out right after a range of different people: an older gentleman in his 60’s, a high school lineman, a college pitcher, an NFL prospect, an older woman in her 50’s, and each workout I observed was different and geared towards that persons needs. The detailed nature of the work Eric put me through in my workouts, was second to none. Not only did he teach me movements, he taught me what’s happening in my body during these movements and why we target certain things. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in a “personal training” setting.”
-Mike Viramontez, 
College Softball Coach,
Marshall, Oklahoma State & North Texas University

"I am blessed to have Eric as my trainer. He is so knowledgeable and always makes sure that I understand the value of each exercise as well as the correct way to execute it. Eric teaches me the importance of stretching and to strengthen my core to prevent injury. He has developed a sport specific program which focuses on my position in softball. I feel confident that Eric is preparing me for my collegiate career!" 
- Ryleigh White, 
2019 USA Today Player of the Year Softball Player, University of Texas

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